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Updating the WordPress kernel, various plugins and themes that you use is to ensure that the website is safe and working!

Secure, by constantly updating both plugins and themes, as older versions can often contain security holes that allow hackers to break into your site and plant malicious code! (95% of websites that have been affected by malware or “malware” have forgotten to keep their plugins and themes up to date!).

Works because the updates often include new functionalities and or support for other third-party tools or services.

All of our support plans include keeping your website up to date.

We will review if there are plugins or themes with updates available on your site once a week, at a time when your site has low traffic (eg early in the morning) to avoid temporary inconvenience to your visitors.

Not all updates are of the same weight.
At JJ Media, we evaluate the updates in three branches, which are:

  • Critical updates: these updates often resolve a security issue and we implement them immediately;
  • Standard updates: these are “regular” plug-in updates and are performed weekly.
  • Important updates: These are important plug-in updates, such as the e-commerce plugin WooCommerce or other important plugins that make up a larger part of your website. These Important Plugin Updates often include new major features that can have a major impact on your site. Therefore, we test these updates first on an internal “test page” so we are sure that your page works flawlessly with the new update!

All of our support plans include keeping your website up to date.

We always use our secure update procedure which includes both automatic and manual checks!

In the unlikely event of a problem, our technicians will intervene immediately to remedy the problem in the best possible way, otherwise we will have to restore your page to a previous backup, which we create continuously when you are a customer with us!

Should you, against all odds, encounter a problem that we have failed to detect, you can easily open a support request, and we will look into it immediately!

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