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Feel the maximum peace of mind with daily backups, step by step, stored securely in the cloud. We use the best of technology to avoid unpleasant surprises. Our advanced plans also include real-time backup so you do not risk missing a single order!

You get everything listed below by subscribing to our plans!

Backup to Amazon S3

The most reliable infrastructure for cloud backups! In addition, your data remains in Europe in accordance with GDPR law.

Daily backups or backups in real-time

Choose the right frequency range for your backups, according to the needs of your website!

Full or partial recovery

We can restore the entire website, just the database, a plugin or just a file - depending on what the problem is.

90 day backups

To be able to restore data up to three months.

Easy backups

Thanks to the modern technology we use, backup requires very few resources.

Fast Website

Thanks to modern and good technology, the continuous backup does not slow down the speed of your website.

Common questions

A WordPress website consists of a number of files and a database.
A backup is practically a copy of your website, stored in a safe place ready to be restored in case of any problems.

The purpose of having a backup is first and foremost to protect the work you have done!

You need it for the same reason that you have insurance on your car: If a problem arises, you are protected!

Problems that can occur on a WordPress site can be a bit different, including:

  • Malware or hackers may have infected your site with malicious code, which will take over your website.
  • A human error: errors in the management of the website can in some cases lead to data loss.
  • A hosting problem that can literally make your website disappear altogether;

A backup is like an extra life for your website and your business.

Many web hosts include one type of backup service, but often this is not enough.

We have on several occasions seen, for many situations, where the web host only had a backup on parts of the website, old or unusable backups. (Or in case of unpredictable events such as a server hall burning down.)

If the web host gets a serious problem, you risk losing both the website and the backups, if you have them physically in the same place!

We have a fully automated backup service where all backups are stored securely and reliably on an Amazon S3 server (located in Europe, in accordance with GDPR).

If necessary, our team is available to quickly solve a problem and troubleshoot whether it is necessary to restore just one file, folder or the entire site.

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