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You can get everything listed below by subscribing to our plans!

Backup to Amazon S3

Secure and reliable backups to the Amazon S3 cloud.

Malicious software removal

Daily monitoring to detect and clean up any intrusions.

HTTPS secure protocol

Secure and encrypted communication to ensure privacy.

Continuous monitoring

To intervene in the event of a vulnerability on your site.

Crisis preparedness

If the accident occurs, we look at the reports of attacks or attempted intrusions to be able to quickly decide how we can minimize the threat.

Malicious software removal

Immediate removal before damage.

Common questions

All subscriptions include active security management at several levels.

For internal website protection, we install and configure the WordFence plug-in. Perhaps most important of all is that we take care of and handle all warnings that are discovered on your website.

For external protection, we perform daily security checks to ensure:

  • The absence of malicious code
  • Vulnerabilities in the theme and plugins used;
  • Configuration issues.

We promise to keep your site safe, as long as we take care of it!

In the unfortunate event that a code or script is detected that could be dangerous, we will take on the necessary necessities and clean up the site immediately.

Of course, removal of malicious code is included in the CALM++ & PRO++ subscription plans.

You can also purchase the malware removal service if you do not want to subscribe to our ++ plans.

Our backup service is fully automated and all backups are stored securely and reliably on the Amazon S3 cloud (with servers in Europe, in accordance with GDPR).

If necessary, our team is available to solve problems or evaluate whether we have reached the solution the fastest by restoring only a single file, folder or the entire website.

We use several different tools to continuously check website has the best health.

We check every minute that your website is online, and in the event of an error (for example 500, 503 or a gateway timeout), our team is informed within 10 minutes so that, if necessary, we can intervene immediately.

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